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Hello lurkers! I’m posting this from while driving from New Orleans to Houston (don’t worry I’m not driving) to visit a friend for a week. Using infrastructure we own and operate is so incredibly inspiring to me. I spent my morning trying to explain to a friend over coffee why these concepts are so important and then getting in this car and getting to see all of you here sharing this space makes it feel so real and possible.

Can a person please explain to me what is and what the significance of that is? I see @bfdi and @bsi just joined the and it seems significant. Thanks!

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@mike implemented this "known instance view" in Zap thats quite nice, its like a decentralized version of (which is still down)

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There is a new-ish iOS app called that supports and in addition to Tumblr, Twitter, and Slack. It is $4.99 so I haven't tried it yet but I thought I would report back here to anyone following app development.

It is made by @U_Akihir0

It has a site (in Japanese):

Code (MIT licensed)

It’s nice to see the logo used instead of the mastodon one for once, and extra points for the matching color scheme, nice job @dino!

just discovered Fediverse Explorer
ht's blog post!

@andrewt made an alternative logo for the with some nice ideas below:

*Social networks are blue now, no use fighting it, but a deep blue evokes a universe, as in the Fediverse.

*The infinity symbol to represent the endless space of the Fediverse

*The swoosh evokes rings on a planet, again tying into the universe theme.

Is there any plans in place for what happens to someones account on the fediverse when they die?

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Just discovered ! a new federated link aggregator and forum. And a new member of the !

There is are already more then one instance:

The code is here:

Looks like its developed by

Looks like you can follow them on Lotide from the fediverse from this handle:

@humanetech started an important conversation about the underlying structure of the . I look forward to see how this area evolves in the next year and really hope we can get a diverse set of perspectives taking part in the discussion.

Wow is sort of a cool idea. It’s a bit like how when an account is banned on mastodon, one can list the reasons publicly on the banning instance. I could see this sort of community moderation and contextual addition being useful in the as well.

Is anyone working on federated portfolio software? I’m thinking sorta like indexhibit/cargo collective/ but selfhostable and with some social aspect? (currently down) is a new instance set up by Al-Masdar News who are a pro Assad pan Arab newspaper, currently advertising the instance on the bottom of every article on

Wow and now is on the front page of hacker news. The may be in for a another wave sooner then we know.

Wow the instagram boycott brought a TON of new people to the ! Reading introductions over at! Check out this active user ratio!

:fediverse: [Positioning ActivityPub: De-Emphasize “Being Part of the Fediverse”] by @humanetech

a really good explanation of why we need to keep and the separate in our advocacy. Reminds me of the differences between WWW and the Internet.

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