I don't know whats going on but it looks like the word is taking off on twitter rn. lots of new posts.

A print news article about the by @albertcuesta recently released called "How to flee the internet giants: the decentralized web arrives" (in and )


@haghiri75 I was just posting about this wikipedia page for the in Farsi, and wanting to find folks to help update all the articles to be more compete and accurate.

hey @aindri I just saw you are making a comic about the fediverse! saw your older one about safer spaces, and its so good! would love to help in any way. I have been studying the and decentralized stuff for a number of years so could help clarify or explain somethings you are confused by

the seem to have many terms for it the (ou , parfois orthographié ou )

The article could definitely use some work!


Anyone want to do a little editathon for the ? Most of the articles are either very out of date, have incorrect information, or need clarification etc. I just added some stuff to the Spanish /fediverso page, but it could really use some work. :fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

So the exodus to the these past few months has been India, Scotland and Spain so far. Whats next? :fediverse:

Hey any speakers wanna take a turn running twitter.com/fedisupport? There are thousands of people trying to figure this place out and they are currently asking about it on twitter.

Love that @datatitian is working on groups!

Would @datatitian join socialhub.activitypub.rocks and make a post about it there so we can try to figure out some compatibility issues with other parts of the ? It would be great to get it to work between , , ect.

theres a new 'opt in' search engine setup. seems to be working pretty well from my few tests


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