realized there are at least 4 different organizations with a presence on the selling phones:
@Fairphone /
@shiftphones /
@purism /
@murena / ( / phone brand renamed)

the is (sort of) in a Forbes article posted yesterday about @rabble and :

its featuring a photo of @cwebber at camp and includes mentions of @staltz, @manyver_se, Dominic Tarr, , , , , Paul Frazee, and a bunch of other buzzwords that are bizarrely smashed together into an article. Still quite interesting to see this stuff in a mainstream publication.

its also posted on HN:

Implementation of Importing Followers Across the Fediverse

Mastodon to Mastodon ✅
Mastodon to Pleroma ✅
Mastodon to Streams ✅

Who else is working on this feature?

turns out they found me thru @compost mag, we tried to have a call yesterday but timezones and email got lost in a shuffle so we will try again monday. I guess my plan is to ramble about how cool the is, and shout out some other alt projects like people working on and

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Three projects working on rendering stylized code blocks across multiple different software. A little standardization goes along way to make this happen!

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

Here is a post from GoToSocial rendered on:

I signed up for an account to make a few corrections and discovered their is using @pixelfed as a spam deterrent! @dansup I am not sure thats what you had in mind when you were talking about fighting spam in the but honestly this is a pretty cool approach

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we need semantic tagging features on the fediverse or some sort of linked data thing. if I tag a post that tag should also seen by people following etc

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is there a list of translations of all the pieces of the in various langues? I guess wikidata is probably the best place for this sort of thing.

I came across a conversation in (I was reading it with autotranslate) it was cool to see some of the software not written in the Latin script for once.

Fediverse =

Fediverse =

Fediverse =

Fediverse =

hey people:
has anyone made a fedi bot that lets you follow the posts from another fediverse user but translated into the language of your choice?

lets say @moss@grassy.feild only posts in german but I dont speak any german so instead of following them I dm @TranslationBot "follow @moss@grassy.feild in english" and then @TranslationBot makes a private repost account that replies to their public posts with the translation in english and tags me in it.

if I get a new follow on my single user instance from an instance I haven't interacted with it will show none of the posts of the user. I have to load the account in a external web browser to even see who the person is. this is a feature we need to work on making better its so annoying. and I havent seen any project implementation of this yet even on zap zot friendica based fedi software

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Gitea 1.17.0 was just released and it added support for (how the lists instances in places like and they also added support for (the protocol used to look up users by a url or @name@url.tld in the search field)

@humanetech @dansup @sl007 @mike @heluecht @grishka @nightpool @tchambers @yala @weex

ten months later and these discussions largely stalled out. @vpzom did make a post outlining how they implemented some of the ideas discussed into and many discussions have come out of this discussion so all and all not a bad outcome but still I really hoped there might be a bit more agreement on how to move forward with group in the last year

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Just followed my first account from the ! Here is now my first time mentioning a Gitea account:!

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

Thank you for your work!

Screenshots are from follow flow via @tootapp!

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