Please welcome my father @memexikon to the . I have been trying to get him to come back here for a while now and the biggest reason he didn’t was that he wasn’t getting enough interaction here.

has anyone made a feature comparison chart for fediverse clients?

anyone figure out who is behind the Alice Nuar accounts hitting the ?

I just signed up for a federated wiki! currently testing at at @wakest. Thanks @NGIZero for supporting the fediverse and making cool stuff like this a bit more financially viable for folks to spend their time working on.

is anyone working on bringing back from the dead? Is anyone in contact with @href after all their accounts here went dead?

@rra @lightone @Moon tagging some people I remember talking to about this a few months ago

Please give my friend @Galaxy a follow! They are a sweetheart and I want to get them all settled in here on the

Anyone who joined the especially for this celebration? Do we have anyone to welcome?!

I went to the swamp the other day and saw this adorable spider

It’s the internet so fuck it, here’s a picture of me for this is my AFK look!

Hello lurkers! I’m posting this from while driving from New Orleans to Houston (don’t worry I’m not driving) to visit a friend for a week. Using infrastructure we own and operate is so incredibly inspiring to me. I spent my morning trying to explain to a friend over coffee why these concepts are so important and then getting in this car and getting to see all of you here sharing this space makes it feel so real and possible.

Can a person please explain to me what is and what the significance of that is? I see @bfdi and @bsi just joined the and it seems significant. Thanks!

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:
@mike implemented this "known instance view" in Zap thats quite nice, its like a decentralized version of (which is still down)

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:
There is a new-ish iOS app called that supports and in addition to Tumblr, Twitter, and Slack. It is $4.99 so I haven't tried it yet but I thought I would report back here to anyone following app development.

It is made by @U_Akihir0

It has a site (in Japanese):

Code (MIT licensed)

It’s nice to see the logo used instead of the mastodon one for once, and extra points for the matching color scheme, nice job @dino!

just discovered Fediverse Explorer
ht's blog post!

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