", like Subway Tooter, made an "opposition" to the warning from the Play store this time, but it was denied"

(google translated from Japanese)


*Let’s discuss groups* (on the Fediverse)
do you want to see groups working on the ? are you a dev? are you not a dev but want to have a say in how this will eventually work? please come make your voice heard in this forum.

『The Internet has become a cluttered, proprietary mess』

"A more recent introduction comes from Mastodon, a decentralized social network as well as a software, in the form of ActivityPub."


yay welcome @skywlkr to the ! glad to have you on this side of the wall!

Today @jle just hacked some into their blog (at @en) First step to getting the static cms world to join the !

:fediverse: "Suggestion: a custom URL scheme handler as a streamlined UX for cross-instance interactions on the web"

@grishka and @matt are discussing some important issues with the UX of the over on the SocialHub forum. Would love to see more progress on this front. The UX of cross instance/software interaction is quite horrible at the moment and is something we really need to move forward on. Please come give your constructive ideas here:


any one working on full support in their apps?

@xn--c1h@xn--c1h.tk should really display as @▲@▲.tk and there is no reason that shouldn’t be a valid handle. of course we need security measures in place for homograph attacks but that should not stop us from supporting the worlds languages.

Some tips from @matt!

:fediverse: Hashtags won't auto-link on Draft posts
:fediverse: Hashtags auto-link on blog posts; clicking them shows other posts on that blog with the same hashtag
:fediverse: Hashtags make posts searchable in the instance Reader (if local_timeline is enabled on the instance) -- e.g. pencil.writefree.ly/read/t/Wri
:fediverse: Hashtags make posts searchable in the (if federation is enabled on the instance)

via github.com/writefreely/documen

“Artist-researchers Roel Roscam Abbing (@rra) and Aymeric Mansoux (@320x200) likewise critique universal openness in their analysis of an emerging internet infrastructure created by and for users: the .”

starting at 11:30am today


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