Me and @gavcloud just watched @aral's speech to the EU Parliament about the future of the internet and how it relates to the and and damn did they do a good job! Fierce!

anyone know who owns seems like this is their github:

would be nice to get this domain pointing to something useful

’s @thewire (who has half a million twitter followers) just joined the and told their followers to come check us out! the largest instance on the is being transferred from the ownership of to a new company called “Crossgate Co., Ltd. and Russell Co., Ltd.”

the had OpenID from day one! too bad we regressed in that way with most fediverse projects.

"Those of us OpenID-enabling Web sites so you can log in less have to log in to our test servers a LOT more. We log in so you don't have to!" -evan

just learned that the is now 11.5 years old! Here is the first post:

thanks to @tobias for posting about it a while ago...

El looks like what folks are calling the . I want to keep track of all the translations of this we all call home.

just learned about the work @grishka is doing on , a VK like platform for the !

Thanks to @zxv and @akash for helping run this new Fediverse Support account on Twitter started today. We already answered a ton of folks questions today! I think this project might be more important then I had even realized. If anyone else wants to help answer peoples questions about the on Twitter please let me know and I will share the password with you! And if you want to follow and boost the posts we are making over there that would help too!

So I noticed people using a few different spellings/translations of the term . Are there translations of the term for different languages for folks coming from the migration? would love to know what it would be for etc

Started a twitter account to help people migrate to our side of the fence. If your still over there give it a follow or if you want to help answer all the questions our poor twitter siloed friends have I will share the password/account with you.

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