Just discovered ! An event platform that (partially) supports and is already being used!

There are already two instances!
gancio.cisti.org (Torino, Italy)
lapunta.org (Firenze, Italy)

Project website:

Code repo:

Would love to find someone willing to start work on implementing an plugin for so it can join the fediverse!


@dev has made a Telegram to bridging bot! Seems it even goes both ways!? Would like to see what else can be done with such. The power of bots!


former lead developer of Twitter, Blaine Cook (@blaine) asking for Tumblr to implement / federation!


ok but seriously: what do we do if 8chan implements

Has anyone played with any language learning stuff? Having a social platform for on the would be incredible. There are already so many cultures represented here. Maybe it would be easiest to make something with a bot. A bot that asks questions and then receives the answers and rates them and keeps a leader board and a daily streak system.

I don't think many folks here in the English speaking side of the fedi know about (juick.com) but its another part of the that is already federating. I just discovered that they are also open source and the code is all available at x.juick.com/Juick/ licensed under AGPLv3.

I wonder how many folks also use . I wonder if we could unionize enough to convince them they should add . They have open-sourced most of their code I think.

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