Has anyone played with any language learning stuff? Having a social platform for on the would be incredible. There are already so many cultures represented here. Maybe it would be easiest to make something with a bot. A bot that asks questions and then receives the answers and rates them and keeps a leader board and a daily streak system.

I don't think many folks here in the English speaking side of the fedi know about (juick.com) but its another part of the that is already federating. I just discovered that they are also open source and the code is all available at x.juick.com/Juick/ licensed under AGPLv3.

I wonder how many folks also use . I wonder if we could unionize enough to convince them they should add . They have open-sourced most of their code I think.

have thought about installing shaarli, maybe I should do that... I think they were even planning support at some point.


a personal instance for liaizon wakest