There is an ActivityPub/Fediverse plugin for Drupal by @swentel
It could enable lots of older projects to become part of the fediverse if installed. I would love to see some local libraries use it.

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

for Drupal:

Issue tracker:

@Castopod just did a demo of how their / software is coming and its really coming along. (sorry for the no agenda link but thats where they uploaded it)

Oh fuck yeah is adding and joining the ! Thank you @NGIZero for your support of community infrastructure!

Been playing with and just discovered there is an instance at with this lovely custom logo. I am @wakest if you wanna follow me from here. Its interesting watching a totally different type of social thing being built on the with

I just found a porn company that implemented federation cause I was browsing the timeline and didn't recognize the URL. wondering what they used to get it to work, they even have webfinger set up...

"Is there a working group talking about vocabulary or interop with other federated networks (/#XMPP)?"

Matthew Hodgson of @matrix's answer about cooperation among protocol development

Excited to see unveil ! I hope it puts some pressure on to implement e2e...

:fediverse: [Positioning ActivityPub: De-Emphasize “Being Part of the Fediverse”] by @humanetech

a really good explanation of why we need to keep and the separate in our advocacy. Reminds me of the differences between WWW and the Internet.

Anyone know who/where this Daniel Mowitz person is on the fediverse? They were working on a / bridge but it looks like they haven't touched the repo for 5 months. wondering if they are still interested in working on this. here talking to a lot of developers and would love to get some ideas rolling on how we can come to come conclusions on getting our different network typologies to talk

Wanted to make sure people saw it, @jle got working in their blog (followable here @en) and started documenting how they implemented it

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my request for support in got an answer from the dev and they seem keen! thanks @sl007 for joining in too! and @pinkprius for finding it. If this could could actually happen I think it would be a great addition to the fediverse and to the open internet we all crave...

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Today @jle just hacked some into their blog (at @en) First step to getting the static cms world to join the !

Evan just responded to:

"I’m incredibly excited for Twitter to kick off @bluesky, a new independent effort to develop a decentralized standard for social media. Please see @jack’s thread for more context. I have the privilege of finding a lead for this team."

is heating up...

We need an taskforce asap. There are some unsavory unresolved bugs everywhere and and if we actually care about getting people off of centralized platforms we need to focus on fixing compatibility across networks/software.

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