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hey @Zontar I was just looking through your website and saw all these great scans. are you doing some of the scans yourself? this one is awesome

really impressed by this photo taken on mars last week

found via @mars2020bot

getting targeted ads for this beautiful keyboard and I’m like ok I don’t actually mind thanks is its website

found a random audio cassette on (with the metadata not transcribed) featuring Woody Vasulka

though its also on thought @palomakop might enjoy. I really like the cover art...

I just discovered randomly that there is someone who shares my first name (Zon, which is for Liaizon) who worked with Bob Moog and also released an album the year I was born, and then later released some work with a person who also released a bunch of music by my parents


@alphabetter @pixelflowers @palomakop @kandid @v3d @cyberboy666 @ojack @bobby_pharaoh
hello fellow friends! glad to see so many of you already here!

I was reading this post by @cyberboy666 and wanted to just tag the whole krew over here.

"Cultural advice
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that Trove contains images, voices or names of deceased persons in photographs, websites, film, audio recordings or printed material."

this is a popup I have never seen on the internet before! ran across it on

Some other random things I took from the same dumpster: 1 million tiny gold bells that make no sound, a nice drill bit, some sticky putty for sticking stuff on walls, a hand full of wire nuts, a paint can opener, a full bottle of boric acid and a full bottle of polymer varnish

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my trash find of the day with two good bookmarked pages from who knows when

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