Is there any project to link fediverse "reviews" to open street map locations? I want federated google maps places/yelp/foursquare!

Click the button to set your location (if using streams, enter a dot '.' to use your current device location) and write your review. Done.

However, if we create a restaurant review using streams or Friendica or Hubzilla, I have no idea what shows up in Mastodon and whether or not they can recognise or use location data. I suppose I should try it.

@mike ok how can I see all the reviews already left by people from friendica/hubzilla/streams overlaid on a map?

I could write that code in an hour. Sorry, my employer is paying for my time starting in 6 minutes so it's not going to happen today.
Incidentally and in case you think I've under-estimated the task; my currently employer provides real estate software. Literally everything we do is some form of location based query.

@mike if you queried a stream instance would it pull in posts from remote instances that also had location data attached to them? I wonder if there would be a a simple way to add this feature to other parts of the fediverse that dont natively have the a concept of location data attached so a masto or pleroma user could add a review by adding a geocoordinate hashtag to their post like #41.7776449-44.7683034

It's ok if you don't like my software but don't ask me to fix yours.
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