whats the best unicode character to represent the fediverse? we need a symbol that is already encoded!

so far the suggestions (ignoring the joke suggestions) are:

@Moon: ꙮ
@haverholm: ❆
@raphael: ❅ or ⁂


a list of suggested unicode symbols to represent the fediverse:
@Moon: ꙮ
@haverholm: ❆
@raphael: ⁂
@maikek: ∞
@mariusor: ꖜ
@singitout: ᵮ
@kerleone: 𖡦
@lukasfx: ⨕
@humanetech: 🕸️
@wago: ⛢

thanks to @yhancik I learned about the firefox font inspector and can report that on Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye), Gnome Version 3.38.5, Wayland, running Firefox 91.13.0esr these emojis are being displayed by the following fonts:

Roboto Regular: ꙮ ᵮ ⁂ ∞
DejaVu Sans: ❆ ⨕ ⛢
FreeSans: ꖜ
Noto Sans Bamum Regular: 𖡦

Emoji / Mastodon renders as image: 🕸️

@liaizon to the enterrobang represents all and everything, I've never thought of it as ironic

@memexikon @liaizon @raphael @maikek @mariusor @singitout @kerleone @lukasfx @humanetech @wago I personally very much identify with the interrobang at different points in my daily life, but in this context I don't think the shoe fits.

@luka I wish there was a way to specify font size via unicode (this is a horrible idea) so 𖡦 would display a bit bigger by default. I think at small sizes ⁂ works better then anything else and I like that it can be deconstructed into *** which feels a bit edgy

@yhancik I guess one of the main criteria is font availability across platforms but damn that is sorta an annoying criteria to figure out...

@raphael @yhancik yeah I was actually trying to look into how to add the non-emoji-modifier to it but couldn't figure it out. I thought all emoji had a way of un-emojifying them

@yhancik @liaizon

whatever it is is mojibaked on Windows as well (but not some mobile phones)

@yhancik @liaizon I see this symbol on android phone but not on Firefox on Linux. :(

@liaizon @yhancik how can I know which font is being rendered in firefox? with inspector console there's roboto-medium-webfont that seems to be loaded from masto webUI interface but I'm not sure

@liaizon mmm ... not here same problem ... ;) (debian and ff) @luka @yhancik

@Olm_e @luka @yhancik oh weird! we must have different versions of either firefox or debian then

@liaizon @Olm_e @luka if I'm not mistaken, the browser and/or system will use different fonts to render fancy characters. Here on Windows, according to the Fonts devtool in Firefox, some characters are rendered using Ebrima, Segoe UI and Segoe UI Symbol (and Arial in the default Mastodon frontend, but not in Pinafore)

@liaizon @Olm_e @luka for example ꖜ is rendered in Ebrima (which makes sense since it was designed for that docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typog)

𖡦 is rendered (or, well, not rendered) in either Roboto (default frontend) or Segoe UI (Pinafore). Same thing with ∞ that does properly display. Most of the characters (highlighted in the screenshot) do use Segoe UI Symbol.

The 𖡦 character is from a Bamum (west Cameroon) unicode block, and according to this, it's only supported by a limited amount of fonts en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Mul. Is your Debian coming with any of these, @liaizon ?

(+ @Olm_e @luka)

@yhancik @Olm_e @luka I am running the newest stock Debian but did install the surface-linux kernel extension so who knows maybe someone threw in some extra fonts with that

@yhancik @liaizon @Olm_e well, thanks for the Bamum reference - this helped:

$ apt search bamum
fonts-noto-core - "No Tofu" font families with large Unicode coverage

$ sudo apt install fonts-noto-core

now, the 𖡦 shows up correctly.

Also, fonts part of inspector in Firefox gave another clue that this is really Bamum part/section of the font

@yhancik @liaizon @Olm_e this also means that the Bamum part of the font does not come with webfont but with fonts installed on the OS?

@yhancik on an unrelated note, how/why is [shitposter.club] in square brackets? Does it show like that in Pinafore if you have an instance blocked?

@liaizon oh no that screenshot was from the "default" frontend, well, default to octodon.social, which is running Glitchsoc.

But yes, that indeed shows a blocked instance.

@liaizon @haverholm @raphael @maikek @mariusor @singitout @lukasfx @humanetech @wago


Late find: this amazing sign from the anatolian hieroglyph chart that fits perfectly, but probably it doesn't render on so many OS's? Debian does it.

@kerleone wow thats an amazing find! I am also on Debian rn and its displaying (tho very tiny), but it doesn't show up on iOS 14.1

𔗢 and 𖡦 are both great, but I think the anatolian one is too complicated at its normal size.
𖡦 works. People could use a * in context as a substitute, but they are clearly different enough sided by side 𖡦 *


@liaizon i only see placeholders for the suggestions from mariusor and kerleone?

I like ⁂ as it incorporates the meaning of a federation due to the fact that they are composed of stars which can be members of one or more constellations. Additionally, it fits the universe characteristic.
@raphael @maikek @humanetech

@c @liaizon no it's the stock "Fonts" panel in the Inspector (it comes after Layout, Computer, Changes and Compatibility in the tabs)

@yhancik @liaizon

Thanks a lot! On my laptop screen, everything to the right of “Compatibil” is cut off. I have to click a triangle to see the fonts entry. Very useful!

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