whats the best unicode character to represent the fediverse? we need a symbol that is already encoded!

so far the suggestions (ignoring the joke suggestions) are:

@Moon: ꙮ
@haverholm: ❆
@raphael: ❅ or ⁂

❊ is another good snowflake, its nice thats its made up of 9 different separate points

thinking about iconography, I love's logo and and it would be sorta funny to use ⁂ cause it's about the same with an extra *

added in my screenshot is element's logo that feels a but bland to me but does express some type of interaction of discrete servers

to play with @raphael's suggestion heres the ⁂ on a gradient filled rounded rectangular

@raphael I never thought that asterisks can have different amounts of points but looking thru the fonts on my phone apparently they do

a list of suggested unicode symbols to represent the fediverse:
@Moon: ꙮ
@haverholm: ❆
@raphael: ⁂
@maikek: ∞
@mariusor: ꖜ
@singitout: ᵮ
@kerleone: 𖡦
@lukasfx: ⨕
@humanetech: 🕸️
@wago: ⛢

@liaizon There isn't even an agreed, collective symbol for the fediverse.

This proposal is most generally used but because the fediverse has no governing body, or a way to reach more than an informal consensus, that's the closest thing.

Anarchist movements have less trouble finding a common symbol than the fediverse! 😆

@liaizon But if we're spitballing from existing Unicode characters, I suggest a snowflake — like U+2746 ❆

For one thing, to troll the people using "snowflake" as a derogatory term. Because diversity and uniqueness is a beautiful combination.

Also, the image of a snowflake is branched and complex, like the fediverse. Only drawback is, the snowflake might indicate centralisation, as it springs symmetrically from a single point. There's room for improvement.

@haverholm @liaizon
> Only drawback is, the snowflake might indicate centralisation

We could say it represents putting the user at the center or something?

@vanderZwan @liaizon That is, of course, what we had in mind when we decided how water crystallises at low temperatures, yes 🙂

@liaizon I would advocate for:
❅ (connected network, snowflakes are cool, a bit small / too complex, has a central point)
⁂ (decentralized: no central point, but lacks of connections, easy to read in small size, a bit too triforce?)

@liaizon @raphael I like Moon's, too. I'll have to look up its meaning, though.

@haverholm @liaizon ꙮ is supposed to change to 10 circles. I wonder how big it will be, as it is already a huge glyph!

@haverholm @liaizon Also I think this is a case of clear reappropriation here.

@liaizon @Moon @haverholm The choice -if choice there is- must be done with care, semantics of each character have to be studied to avoid reappropriation or original meanings we want to avoid. Btw the history behind ꙮ is so fun…

@liaizon @Moon @haverholm One of the definition of ⁂ is : “Asterism, noun. Astronomy A pattern of stars that is not one of the traditionally established, named constellations, such as the Big Dipper or the Summer Triangle. Asterisms are often named and may be composed of stars that are members of one or more constellations.” I like that. but the symbol still have a contemporary use I think.

@raphael @liaizon Oh, my eyes must be getting tired. I genuinely thought that was the "three networked computers" glyph... 🤦

@raphael @liaizon I can already see a drawback to that one: it doesn't show up on my mobile.

@raphael @Moon @haverholm another point for ⁂ is that F (fediverse) also has 3 points and 3 syllables

@raphael @liaizon Love the many-eyed seraphim. Looking back at the 5/9/14/ whatever Eyes organisations 🙂

@liaizon Yes! and 6 branch asterisks makes good connections possibilities.

@raphael oh thats pretty slick actually cause now there is a 🧊 in the middle

@liaizon Yes… I am trying to remember such a logo I know with 3 stars forming one box. Can’t put the finger on it yet…

@raphael trying to draw on a napkin is hard but theres a lot of ways to represent these lines

@liaizon @raphael I don't have the time atm to start a wiki page, but it would be good to keep a track of these proposals

@af @raphael there have been many logo ideas over the years and I am quite happy that the :fediverse: took off but was thinking recently after seeing lots of graffiti of different symbols that we need something a bit simpler. I am sure there are already a few wiki pages around with documentation of prier ideas tho

@liaizon @af Hacking something already part of Unicode is what should be done imo, logos are for companies and products, Unicode symbols are for people ;-)

@raphael @af I very much agree! that was the starting thought of this thread! but thinking of a system that can be represented by existing unicode and reused in peoples websites and apps and signage and contact cards etc

@liaizon to the enterrobang represents all and everything, I've never thought of it as ironic

@memexikon @liaizon @raphael @maikek @mariusor @singitout @kerleone @lukasfx @humanetech @wago I personally very much identify with the interrobang at different points in my daily life, but in this context I don't think the shoe fits.

@luka I wish there was a way to specify font size via unicode (this is a horrible idea) so 𖡦 would display a bit bigger by default. I think at small sizes ⁂ works better then anything else and I like that it can be deconstructed into *** which feels a bit edgy

@yhancik I guess one of the main criteria is font availability across platforms but damn that is sorta an annoying criteria to figure out...

@raphael @yhancik yeah I was actually trying to look into how to add the non-emoji-modifier to it but couldn't figure it out. I thought all emoji had a way of un-emojifying them

@yhancik @liaizon

whatever it is is mojibaked on Windows as well (but not some mobile phones)

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