The has really come a long way since last I looked at it. Glad to see this project evolve and get lots of translations into various languages!

The really owl cute mascot by @davidrevoy

Also thanks to @olamundo for reminding me about this project

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

@lohang sorry I deleted and redrafted right after you boosted it (:

I signed up for an account to make a few corrections and discovered their is using @pixelfed as a spam deterrent! @dansup I am not sure thats what you had in mind when you were talking about fighting spam in the but honestly this is a pretty cool approach

oh cool so they use this theme of spam protection throughout the whole site!
Hey @bookwyrm did you know you are being used to protect against spam!

I hope we have non destructive edits on mastodon soon, this little message got weirdly messed up when I rewrote it

wow I really need to reread my messages before I post them! "the really owl cute mascot" is a sentence that is wrong!

@liaizon No worries. Boosted again. That surely is such a useful and well organized resource.

@liaizon sometimes i just tell myself that incoherency is simply a feature of language that conveys emotional state and attention and it's ok if i don't make sense as long as the energy is there

@liaizon speaking correctly is fake you only have to be understood

@_ agree in principle with everything you say, though I wish to be understood in a maximal way and have my textual output come across how I intend, so its still quite frustrating when I make such obvious mistakes

@_ I was home schooled by anarchist parents till I was 14 and they didn't believe in correcting me or telling me something was "wrong" almost ever. I gained much confidence it my own ability to do anything in anyway I pleased but then as soon as I "left the nest" I came to realize that the outside society didn't really work that way and I would be questioned for my weird way of doing things and thinking pretty much always. I don't regret the way I was brought up but it has been hard in ways.

@liaizon @_ it's really interesting. i'm an anarchist and very soon i will be a parent. reading this was like looking into a possible future of my child.

@nebuchi @_ maybe my father @memexikon will chime in with some anarchist parenting tips.

I grew up in a very strange bubble, but this bubble was not strange in anyway to me at the time because it was the default modality for myself. I had a great childhood and feel very lucky to have been raised in the way that I was but that does not mean that the selection of things that I learned made it easy to navigate the world outside of that framework. I don't know what lessons I have for raising a kid.

@liaizon my life was different but i feel i experience a similar conflict. it's frustrating to run into those walls but i try to intentionally affirm myself in response. i guess you can understand that sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between self-affirmation and self-sabotage.

sorry for giving unsolicited advice, i've read some of your writing and i know you know well enough. thanks for responding kindly

@_ oh please feel free to respond to anything I post. I welcome advice and try to take it all in when it seems like it comes from a sincere place. I guess there is a lot of weird advice floating around these parts but I also think thats a good thing. I am trying to rid myself of weird writing shame too. its a life long process. I have found it easier to write "into the void" of the internet then anywhere else and most of writing has been in the form of social media and chatting.

@liaizon @lidia_p @estragon beautifull :BlobhajHeart:# ! Do you know weather it be possible to purcase one of these posters somewhere? We have a market stand in Berlin promoting Floss projects and would love to show it... Groetjes

@ABA_eV @lidia_p @estragon there were a pile printed for transmediale but I assume those are all distributed. But if someone wanted to print more?

@liaizon @ABA_eV @estragon hey hey! it is totally possible to print them yourself, no need to purchase :) Here is the file in its original format:
We print it A2, but I believe it can stand larger formats.

@ABA_eV @fedizine @topio ah wow this space looks awesome, I didn't know about it. I see its in Moabit, I shall come visit it! Are you helping run it?

@liaizon @fedizine @topio you're very welcome! :blobcatcoffee: Yes, I'm mainly there on mondays 11-14h and fridays 17-20h

@liaizon @davidrevoy @olamundo It's a little bit disgusting to use affiliate links in a wiki to advertise hosters and they don't even mark it as advertisement.

@utopify_org maybe worth editing that page and either removing the link ending or putting a warning around it?

@liaizon Better not, because after I've registered I would have the urge to correct or even replace some bad written sites, which might lead to an editor war. I don't know if i have the time for that...

I was just writing that we shall make the #fediverve cuter, or as Madagascar's penguins says (in #italian) #cariniecoccolosi and the wonderful
@davidrevoy creates a cuter than cute mascotte! 😀 @olamundo

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