this copy of Zukunftsperspektiven (future prospects) from 1988 had a lot of treasures

my mother Lyx had one of these instruments made by the inventor and was really excited by it. other images were just cool

Projekt Utopie: some original content (never translated into english) by P.M. (author of Bolo Bolo)

"Growing houses emerging from living trees with 92 pictorial representations in 69 illustrations and panels"
Arthur Wiechula - Wachsende Häuser

"You’re also trying to grow a boat."

"That’s a collaboration with a friend. We planted two very long ash trees that arch up at the ends. They form the bottom of the boat. Then we planted rib trees so that the planking can be fastened on. That project is intended to be harvested once it’s thick enough. At first we projected it would take five years, but I’m guessing it’ll be more like eight."

have you thought about growing boats @neauoire?

@liaizon wow so many interesting things! Thank you for sharing

@liaizon @neauoire I think someone in Canada grew a canoe out of some big ass fungi. Pretty sure it circulated in fedi a few years ago

Cool. Why build a house when you can grow one.

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