havent had time to work on my browser "rpg" "game" lately but im thinking about doing a lot of it with AI generation + manual edits. selecting for greasy errored odd looking features instead of "good" output and then modifying it into game pieces is really fun. i worked these guys over and tried to give them a bit more of faces, plus added swords of course.


@dantescanline these are fucking great! would you like to work on some characters together? I have a ton I was making on artbreeder last year I wanted to do something with

@dantescanline artbreeder.com/wakest if you click on the little figure icon on the top categories you can see some of the ones I was making there on there

@liaizon holy shit!!! i tried a bit on this site recently but didnt get much beyond super blurry junk, this is miles ahead of where i was

@liaizon oh yeah nice!! im trying to figure out best ways to work with the generated output in krita, so i can kind of kit-bash bits together and distort them without losing too much of the base. when you come back lets jam on some!!

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