is there any way of querying just the interactions of an account in the fediverse? "show me all the messages where they have liked mine or I have liked their and all the messages that either I am tagged in their message or they are tagged in mine"

and if there isn't already such a tool can you imagine how one might go about that? I guess you would need to pull in all their posts and all your posts thru an api, then run it thru grep or something and then spit out all the uris

@liaizon not sure if you need all their posts. If you are tagged.. or liked: You should find that in your notification or mentions. If you liked their posts: in your favs. If you tagged them: your toots. Sounds like a cool idea 💡

@42GB I don't think mastodon keeps notifications around very long. lets say I want to find the oldest post someone tagged me in. I don't think you can get that from the api but I would love to be wrong here

@liaizon Sadly I cannot confirm. I was just thinking out loud… sorry.

@liaizon I have to wonder if this is intentionally unimplemented as an anti-harassment/stalking measure.

@skquinn this is honestly something I miss alot from facebook. rn there is no easy way to say "have I interacted with this person before"

@liaizon I agree, it would be a useful feature. I'm just wondering if it'd also be too useful for people wanting to wreak havoc and cause trouble.

@skquinn there are so many ways people have to wreak havoc if thats what they want to do. it seems really silly not to have useful things at the expense of those things being misused.

My works provide this for yourself and also for others, but not the combination of the two. So currently it's basically everything that involves you in some way OR everything that involves them in some way but not everything that involves you AND them in some way. Conceptually it isn't difficult, but I won't say it's easy because you need to look at the target of each of yours and their actions and see if the target is either yours or theirs.

I’d really love to see some kind of “Timeline Builder” based around this, where you can easily construct a query and save it.

Like, it can’t be that hard to come up with a way to process search and filter it down. Something like: “author:, keywords: dogs, type: photos”, with the option to save it with a custom name (“Sam’s Dog Pictures”).

I think it’s possible to build a rudimentary version of this into an FE without any extra API endpoints, just doing filtering for a query on the client-side.

@liaizon I'm pretty new to the feddi, but if you can access your instances database I have some queries for you!

select *
from statuses
left join accounts a on statuses.account_id =
where text ilike ''
and a.username = 'georift'
and a.domain = '';

@liaizon Ok so I guess code formatting isn't something I can do here.

This query will find any times where the user @georift has mentioned @tim

Formatting is a little weird, the link above should be replace with https:// etc..

Let me know if this is a step in the right direction I can write up the other cases you asked for.

@tim @georift I am not self hosting, my instance is on MastoHost, so not sure how to get access to the instance database for this. Maybe through an API call of some type

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