the fully open source hardware RISC-V Precursor from bunnie studios is now shipping out to people. pretty insane this thing was actually made

@liaizon It is, I really wish that didn't die in Congress.

@liaizon is the really weird screen size just because that's what they could get? :blobcatwaitwhat:

@liaizon i have to say, the makers have a *much* better track record than average of actually getting things like this to production.

@liaizon It's cool and I want one, but I don't know what I would even do with it and it's way too expensive to buy as a toy.

@InsignificantThoughts @liaizon Its memory resources somewhat sharply limit what you can do with it, but it is pretty neat.

@liaizon The keyboard makes me miss my BlackBerry, but why would someone want this over say, a PineNote?


Does anyone have any experience with the Xous operating system it runs on, or any apps that run on it?

@reiver I was just discussing this with @palomakop, we were wondering what software would even run on it at the moment. I will have to dig deeper!

@liaizon @palomakop

To me a mobile phone is a mobile Internet device.

(I usually don't really care about the phone part.)

If I knew that I could do, with the Precursor, most of the stuff I do now with my mobile phone, I'd buy it right now.

@liaizon @palomakop

I found this post from @pluralistic :

It looks like the #precursor is still pretty earlier.

And it currently something that is appropriate for software developers who want to create software for it, rather than end users.

@liaizon This looks really cool. I've been wanting to go more minimal with my smartphone and get something like #muditapure but this might be even more up my alley.

@liaizon Oooh, I was just reading Bunnie's blog post about Rust recently, really liked the ideas presented. Gosh, if I didn't already have a PinePhone...

@liaizon my heart is ready to read a "shipping and in-stock for immediate fulfilment of new orders" post with payment in hand

@gabriel @liaizon No mention of the display tech other than that it’s mono. There is a phrase “…if static display enabled”. Does that imply e-ink?

@koherecoWatchdog @gabriel on the bottom of the page it lists "A 336 x 536 resolution, 200 PPI black-and-white memory LCD by Sharp, including an integrated backlight module."

@koherecoWatchdog @gabriel was watching the video explaining why this device needs to be made and here is the point at which it explains why they are using a bw screen

@liaizon that is slick. Would look excellent on my desk next to my Pinebook Pro

@liaizon confession time : received mine a month ago, didn't dare do anything with it yet. I watched a 1h video explaining the internals. Learned a lot but still pondering how I could use it (not that important) then how to make it do so (lot more important) then iterative until I narrow down a use case. I do use YubiKey more and more but ironically enough I feel the biggest on my privacy hasn't be security but rather minimizing exposure to surveillance capitalism. Still hopefully it's a process and in few months I'll be proudly relying on not just on open-source based self-hosting but also on hardware I trust! Step by step.

@utopiah @liaizon I got mine and updated it but haven’t had any time to explore more :(

@mrg @utopiah would love to see what its like to actually use I hope you post about it

@liaizon @mrg then heading to to try to provide a token for auth or signature to #VR and #AR devices that don't have good support for physical tokens. Doing so securely over WiFi isn't ideal but better than the current situation.

@utopiah @mrg oh hell yeah! I wonder whos gonna be the first to get running on it!

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