I was interviewed on @thefinalstrawradio podcast this week about the :fediverse: and autonomy and stuff... If you want to listen to me ramble and say um a lot for an hour give it a listen!

@thefinalstrawradio I really did not prepare enough for this interview but it was a good conversation anyway. I am use to talking about all this stuff casually so its interesting to do a different format. Never been on a podcast before! EMBRACE ALL MISTAKES I guess

hey @pixouls will you listen sometime and give me feedback on my first podcast interview cause I know you would be someone to give sweet kind thoughtful response

@thefinalstrawradio @liaizon really? Ive never been able to make one but I think because I keep asking rise dot net

@karima @thefinalstrawradio glad to hear! anything that stuck out as especially interesting or missing or worth highlighting?

@liaizon @thefinalstrawradio

Much of it was very technical so I'll need to listen a 2nd time. I do feel good about starting a Mastodon account though. Just do what you do and we'll catch up!

@liaizon @thefinalstrawradio

I think it is bonkers that I see @liaizon for the first time in years & then Zon does their first podcast which immediately shows up in my feed. Synchronous AF.

@raphael @thefinalstrawradio omg you listened to it? I am honored! I sorta decided to just roll with it instead of stressing about it beforehand but ended up feeling a bit under prepared

@liaizon @thefinalstrawradio I just finished listening and loved the episode! I have one question, at the end you listed some amazing instances, but I didn't catch the last one, which you described as,
"A small community of really incredible artists that's invite only... A bunch of weirdos doing really awesome stuff”
My listening skills and Google-Fu have failed me! What was the name of that instance?
Thanks for a great episode!

@liaizon @thefinalstrawradio Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to finding more people to follow and connect with!

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