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Momodou (@Sbarry8520) is collecting 1000$ euros to finish building a house for their family. There was a successful fundraiser on the last year for the first part of the process.

If you are able and willing to send any amount to my venmo @wakest or paypal wakest@gmail.com with the comment Momodou and I will compile it all together and do the work to convert it into Gambian Dalasis (also happy to take any other type of currency/crypto/whatever)

Lets help a comrade!

so far we got 40.68$ usd from two donations! can we make it more? @Sbarry8520


please !

A storm fucked up their house last year and they are still just trying to get it rebuilt. if 100 people here sent 10$ we would have this done in a day!

@liaizon @Sbarry8520 they have the construction materials, just need to pay the workers

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