jan 7th (I was getting the month wrong all week lol) gan

"stack of weird bones"

jan 8th 2022 gan

"pack of cigarettes"
[it translates to 'kurena will kill']

jan 9th 2022 gan

looking glass trained on 8 photos of trash bags can now generate new ones pretty perfectly

jan 10th 2022 gan

"the shiniest bean" via rudalle emojich run through dazhizhong/strotss with a kaiju style transfer and then upscaled with jingyunliang/swinir

jan 11th 2022 gan#thingaday

trained looking glass on images of kaiju figurines and have been running it since last night, this one is upscaled a bit

jan 12th 2022 gan#thingaday

training looking glass on images of boxes of cigarettes and making asemic cig packs

jan 13th 2022 gan

"humans are wired for connection | a home under construction from the inside looking out into the back patio in the colorful style of Gustave Dore" a mix of two prompts I saw other people post on twitter

jan 16th 2022 gan

ruDALL-E/Looking Glass 1.4 trained on Miguel Vasquez's 3d art

jan 17th 2022 gan

ruDALL-E/Looking Glass 1.4 trained on a photo of a dog toy

18th 19th and 20th I was super sick with covid in bed alone and am not going to let myself feel guilty for breaking my dang thingaday streak

jan 21st 2022 gan

this one is taking advantage of a new AI tool called cleanup.pictures that you can glitch the fuck out of. started with a screenshot of a punch of thumbnails of images I had trained through looking glass 1.4 and them "erased" all the borders of the images

jan 22nd 2022 gan

I trained looking glass 1.4 on juice boxes with straws and got some great asemic ones back

jan 23rd 2022 gan

I fed one of the reject juice boxes into icgan and this was the first result

jan 24th 2022 gan

looking glass 1.4 run on a single prompt image that was edited in photoshop


jan 25th 2022 gan

tried to explain AI to Nuna today at a birthday party. This was their prompt "frog dog"

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