thinking about what a fediverse take on tradable objects could look like. with none of the monetary part. just like: eugen gave wakest a cat. and then I can have a list of things other fediverse users gave me. and I could regift that cat to someone else and it would still have the trail of previous owners. I know there is a lot of nestalgia for neopets and pokemon type games where you socially collect things. and watching the nft space drama the fuck out I am curious if parts could be salvaged

@liaizon That sounds fun! I would stay away from blockchain though, ETH gas fees and energy costs are just too big. Why not creating an ActivityPub platform dedicated to such game? The Fediverse is already decentralized, since NFTs work from mutual agreement, I don't see why something similar could not be developed in ActivityPub as a game with traditional databases.

@liaizon Paul had a kind of inventory in his short-lived ctzn project

But maybe all this doesn't need to be technical, and we can just roleplay it with the tools we have. Items are asciiart/emojiart posts, inventories are accounts, threads are ledgers, and let's embrace the abundance of copy-paste :p

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