@Sbarry8520 has been building a house for their family after a storm destroyed their previous house recently. They have been mostly funding it through donations here on the !

I just sent €10 and would love to see us all chip in and help get this project completed! The amount they need we can probably get together in the next 24 hours without much trouble.

@gcrkrause is collecting money through paypal and will do the work getting the money into The Gambia, so dm them for the address.

@liaizon i have also provided a small sum of money and i hope the required amount will be raised in a short time.👏😃

thanks to @gcrkrause

@kranfahrer @Sbarry8520 @gcrkrause I think the idea of this type of direct help is something that the fediverse can be perfect for, thanks for the note!

@kranfahrer @Sbarry8520 @gcrkrause how come you got suspended, Barry? :(
Glad @liaizon shared your new account.
There's no way to recover your contacts from your old account?

@foreverxml do you have another payment method that would work good for you? I could act as an intermediary if youd like

@liaizon I can do Liberapay. I believe it can interface with PayPal.

@foreverxml this is my Liberapay account if you send me anything there I will forward the money to @Sbarry8520

@foreverxml @Sbarry8520 went directly into my paypal! I didn't know thats how liberapay worked lol! I wonder if anyone else would want to donate this way. seemed to go into my paypal with no fee (unless you payed a fee?)

@foreverxml @Sbarry8520 oh actually the notification lied. I received 9.16USD after it charged a fee...

@liaizon also, I will share this liberapay link... keep doing amazing @Sbarry8520 :)

@liaizon @Sbarry8520 paypal has a fee I believe, after liberapay I had to enter a billing address in paypal... but that was it it was easy

@foreverxml @liaizon @Sbarry8520 are you based in Europe? What would be possible for you?

hey @gcrkrause, @foreverxml sent me the donation through Liberapay and I will transfer it to you! I just hadn't yet in case anyone else wanted to donate via Liberapay and I will send it all in one go since Paypal is charging 1$ each time I make any transaction now.

@gcrkrause @liaizon That might work better for future donations, currently I do not have donation money but when I do I will donate.

@gcrkrause @foreverxml how is your liberapay connected to your bank? cause if its just connected to paypal only then it still charges this fee

@foreverxml @liaizon I usually get the money with bank transfer using stripe iirc

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