@Moon @liaizon i have been guilty of referring to the fediverse as the "mastodon network" whenever it comes up AFK. greater chance of the person having heard about it. also, the word fediverse doesn't really roll off the tongue and sounds like i might be saying "fetiverse" like it's some social network for the fetish crowd. it kind of is that too, now that i think about it... but still.

@tomey @Moon this very well might be a good thing in the long run, we will probably need to rebrand at sometime to get rid of all this awful connotations people are getting.

I find, the word "fediverse" rolls off the tongue nicely! I get no reaction when I mention it in the "centroverse". I. E. Twitter.
@liaizon orange man accused of forking open source project. constitutional lawyers say prosecutors should seek the death penalty

@velartrill @liaizon They didnt follow GPL license agreements, so its a bit more complicated than that.

@nitro @liaizon the only conrete accusation i've heard so far is that trump "didn't give mastodon credit," which to the best of my knowledge isn't a violation of the AGPL (in fact Eugen might very well have asserted a trademark claim against him if he tried to associate his instance with the Genuine Mastodon® Brand, so unless Eugen has relinquished the rights to the name, renaming was the only legally sane move). as long as the full source code of the running instance is made available to anyone who can access it without the names of contributors being removed, i don't believe trump or his people have violated any terms of the license. or is there more to this than the legacy media has been able to figure out?

@velartrill @liaizon @nitro Yes the latter part hasn't happened. The site claims that the code is all proprietary. That's a license violation.

In order to be compliant, not only does the site need to acknowledge that it's using code from the mastodon project, but the source code for the app (i.e. what's actually running on the servers) needs to be released to the public. Neither of those things have happened, so it's in violation of the license.

@velartrill @liaizon The problem isn't that he forked it. It's that the new site is clearly mastodon source code (with some minor cosmetic changes) but claims to be a completely proprietary (i.e. all their code) site. Since mastodon is AGPL'd this constitutes a pretty flagrant license violation and I'm sure given the angry cheeto's high profile nature, lawsuits are already being drafted.

@liaizon It's not theft, mastodon is open source, Trump's well within his rights to make a copy of the code, change it, and run his own service.

@rabble Trump and co list that its their proprietary technology and fail to comply with Mastodon's AGPL license. Who ever writes Newsweek headlines isn't known for nuance...

lol @rabble do you need a napkin to wipe the egg off your face?


@liaizon Lol. Always cheating. Always stealing. Even when the code is FREE to use, he still couldn’t follow the rules of basic human decency and legality for sharing source code.

@liaizon The media is not talking about the rest of the Fediverse, but I'm kind of loving all this adjacent publicity.

@Graylik @liaizon The media absolutely refuses to even acknowledge the existence of a non-commercial system based on open protocols. It's' infuriating how complicit they are.

@jon @Graylik people just don't know. I have tried to explain free software to so many friends and its incredible how hard it is to get across how deep this all goes. usually takes a full day of discussion to really get someone to wrap their mind around it

@liaizon @Graylik one of the problems is that people don't process this stuff and it comes across as technobabble. At least for longevity, slow organic growth is a benefit over a rapid fad social network.

@liaizon @jon It was hard for me to understand the Fediverse as well, until I tried it, and once I did, I started thinking why isn't everyone using it? Every public figure, company, and government should have their own Fediverse instances for communicating with the public.

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