@liaizon A billionaire using FOSS and taking credit for achieving what it does?

Never happened before!


@liaizon Now I can't decide which one of them is bigger faggot--Eugene or Trump.

@akeno @liaizon I still don't get why there's so much hate on Eugene 🤷 didn't look into it too much, personally profit from his work without paying him.

@douginamug @liaizon That's probably because you are not exercising all your rights, especially those he doesn't like, like free speech. Shortly, he deleted 3 of my accounts no warning. Even worse he promotes heavy censorship on mastodon. Fortunately the way fedi works all he has done to this day is that he just achieved converse, defederated his degenerate mastodon.socialist instance from federation, because there isn't many instances left he didn't block.....and that's not all...

@douginamug see? here is example, now this faggot @liaizon blocked me simply for writing truth because I must have hurt it's sensibilities. This is freedom of speech for Eugene and his retarded sheep of pedophiles, trannies and other mentally ill people who are tolerated but truth will be censored and attacked. Any more questions?

@barrett sorry but the default interface of pleroma still really sucks

@liaizon i love pleroma, but really does this guy look like he cares about lightweight social server written in Elixir. No give him a huge RoR mastodon instance. Only peasants run pleroma

@lain news headline 'Trump Launches Mastodon Instance with Full AGPL Compliance'

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