"This animation of black raspberries only has three frames because the other frames were too juicy not to eat." from my piece in issue two of @compost two.compost.digital/growth-thr


Posting about it here after getting the super confidence boost of having Olia Lialina post about my piece on twitter twitter.com/gifmodel/status/14

@liaizon I totally missed that article! That & Olia's seal of approval is double-awesome <3

@yhancik I’m not one to swoon about “famous people” or whatever but damn I can’t believe she posted about my piece. I couldn’t think of like anyone I would be more in awe to have posted about something I have done. Maybe Foone lol

@liaizon Foone would definitely be a challenge.. maybe if you manage to get Win95 to boot on a hairdryer or something :D

@yhancik someday I’ll get my gifs to play on the screen of a pregnancy test and a 70 year old Foone will do a thread about it from the future international enby space station

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