Picking the fediverse over twitter or instagram is not like choosing what brand of car to drive it’s like choosing what road to drive on.

@liaizon Every time I re-read this post I understand it better and like it more.

@liaizon I think the image you painted is beautiful. Had you used a different brush, it would not have changed much.

@liaizon basically do you want to drive on the fancy highway (that everyone goes on), or do you want to drive down a country road that's got things in the way, and isn't as smooth/easy as driving on the fancy highway?

@liaizon @rozina The smooth driving experience isn't the only difference, the highways you mention have billboards everywhere and automatic tolls you aren't warned about, the encouraged driving behavior is road rage and you can get barred from driving on them on a whim.

The country roads are slightly worse paved, of course, but they are lined with real people, including people barred from the highways, which can be a liability. Ultimately people have to be more responsible of their own driving because there isn't as much automated law enforcement.

@hypolite @rozina it’s actually pretty impressive how far this analogy can go, thanks for taking it to the next level.

@hypolite @liaizon and with driving on the highways, you're only allowed to drive one of the few types of cars, otherwise you won't be able to go on the highway for silly reasons, such as the fact that your car's a bit too old, or that it isn't a smart car


Cars have engines. Mastodon or twitter have search engines.

You cannot get into your car without a key. You cannot get into your Mastodon or Twitter account without your login information that is stored using an encrypted key.

Cars have drivers. Social media platforms also have drivers, known as users, that drive the platform forward.



You can customize a car.
You can also customize your Mastodon account.

Cars have turn signals.
Mastodon clients send signals to Mastodon servers.

Cars have trunks where you store things. Mastodon uses a PostgreSQL to store all settings and user information.

Cars have a dashboard.
Mastodon has a user dashboard where users can manage their account.

Cars have buttons for to the radio and power windows.
Mastodon has buttons, for "Like", "Favorite", "TOOT!", etc.



But Mastodon and Twitter both use Ruby on Rails on the backend. The minimal these two social media platforms should be compared to are railroad tracks, not roads.

#mastodon #twitter #rubyonrail

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