Getting an influx of new followers. Any idea where they are all coming from? Anyone else getting a ton?

Got 15 new ones today and more then that yesterday

@liaizon I havn't seen many new follow requests. Maybe it's via Compost.

@bob I see this in my timeline but not in notifications fyi

@liaizon @bob I think it's something to do with how Mastodon generates notifications. Maybe it only notifies about replies under particular conditions, whereas in Epicyon there is a separate replies timeline.

@bob @liaizon Doing some ActivityPub archaeology, it looks like I need to implement the replies collection in a slightly different way.

@liaizon I'm getting followers from a server that seems to be related to the Solana cryptocurrency. They all "feel" fake though.
@Moon @liaizon same, and agree, the names sound rather fake ,or extremely misguided normal people
@lebronjames75 @liaizon if they're following everybody they're probably fake.
Yeah they are just mass following. Bot instance or poorly concealed glowie operation.
@lebronjames75 @liaizon
@Moon @lebronjames75 @liaizon they followed me, too. I'm not following any of them until they can prove they are real people. or at least bots that post good hentai.
@Moon @liaizon Yeah, I can confirm that this has happened to me too despite not being online at the time. It's really weird... I don't know how they found me. Something feels off about it, like it isn't natural.

@liaizon Yeah, I think its coming from the profile recommendations mastodon added a few months ago

@liaizon @dansup I haven't yet, but they'd need to ask.

I'd say no and DNSBL them for good measure.

@liaizon I found you via @ephemeral posting about the Compost article - great stuff, by the way.

@scribe @ephemeral just take the archive of an old account and feed it into a horse ebooks account! Recycling complete.

@liaizon @ephemeral I'm shuddering and in love with the thought at the same time...

@liaizon nope I'm too obscure to follow ! =D , wonder what's driving that ?

@glitchbyte it seemed to slow down today so maybe whatever it was has stopped

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