My 5-minute short film about being-with (and becoming?) sheep through shared vulnerability is screening as part of Tāctus, the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival.

Feel free to register and watch/rate the films if you fancy.

Because the Exchange Is Complete - 17TH ADAF ONLINE 2021 | Tāctus

@ephemeral Film is not watchable her due to it's own privacy settings (it says)

@jayrope oh dear. Very strange. Works for me on Firefox in Ireland without any VPN. I'll email the organisers and ask them to check. Thanks for letting me know.

@jayrope hmmm - let me get back on that. Videos are self-hosted on their website so not YouTube links, so maybe it's just some setting they have (or some paranoia about German licencing laws?!)

I'll let you know when I hear back.

@packbat @jayrope

Right you are. It's a Wordpress plugin calling from Vimeo. I was only on mobile for the last few days so hadn't seen the source code.

I suspect that DRM might be the problem; perhaps a licencing rule with the plugin playing it safe with German copyright law? I don't know how strict Vimeo is in Germany.

@liaizon @packbat @jayrope yes that's my usual solution. I've been asked not to share it on other platforms til after the festival screening, and it is also having a cinema premiere in Hexham UK this Tuesday. But I will share the Peertube link once the festival is over.

@liaizon @packbat And last but not least: We are spending more words and thought here solving a data problem, than we would have watching your art. I can't agree to that.

Have a good festival @ephemeral

@jayrope @packbat @ephemeral thanks for the reminder! I had randomly hopped this thread cause I saw discussion of a tech problem I had a response to but hadn’t even thought to look at the video. I just watched it and it was gorgeous. Really beautifully done piece of filmmaking.

@liaizon @jayrope @packbat buíochas go leor, thank you both for the kind wishes and compliments. It was a nice project to work with and I am proud to be a student of such intelligent critters as those sheep.

@liaizon absolutely! Every time I hear someone calling another person a sheep (particularly common recently), I think "if only..."

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