Tutanota is an independent privacy-friendly ad-free email provider. You can follow them at:

➡️ @Tutanota

Their website is at tutanota.com.

Their free open source app is available on @fdroidorg, Google Play and App Store. It's also available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Tutanota's income comes from user subscriptions, they don't sell people's data.

They support 2FA and end-to-end encryption, with e2ee by default.

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@FediFollows @Tutanota @fdroidorg just FYI Tutanota is not fully open source. Their server is still proprietary (if this has changed I would love to be wrong here) and so you are still having to trust them totally that they are telling the truth since the server code can not be looked at. There are fully open options like SOGo sogo.nu that are indeed fully open and GPL

here is a comment from Tutanota from over a year ago about this

@liaizon @Tutanota

As far as I know, Sogo isn't an email provider?

Email providers are usually aimed at people who don't or can't self-host email.

@FediFollows SOGo is like Mastodon or Peetube in that it is the software and then you have to find an instance that suits you. I use gandi.net as my domain registrar and it comes with a mail server running SOGo for free. Been using it for many years now and haven't had any issues with them.

@FediFollows SOGo doesn't offer built in encryption like Tutanota does but I just looked and Posteo does so maybe a better one to advertise?

"Our servers are located in data centres in three German cities – Frankfurt, Bielefeld and Berlin. They are powered with 100% energy from Greenpeace Energy. All Posteo servers exclusively use open source software, for security reasons."



Yeah, if you can self-host email then that may well be the best option 👍

(But ad-free indie providers like Tutanota are still much much better than Gmail.)

Posteo aren't on the Fediverse, so I can't really recommend them with this account. Sorry :/


@FediFollows I am not talking about selfhosting. gandi.net is the hoster. For Gandi you have to pay for a domain but then it comes with already set up SOGo install linked to your domain. I am not recommending anyone self host email. Do you only make posts about stuff that has a fediverse presence? thats cool I didn't know that.


Yeah, this is FediFollows because I recommend accounts to follow 😁

The account to follow is always the most highlighted part of my posts.

I am sure Posteo are great as a mail provider, I just can't post about them here cos there's no Fedi account.

@FediFollows ahhhh I actually never understood the name in reference to your posts! it seems quite obvious now that you say it! (also was not intending to dampen your post! I love what you have been doing. I was just personally annoyed with Tutanota, so no negativity meant directed in your direction!)

@liaizon @FediFollows though if you host your emails with any hosting provider you also need to trust them with your data. An E2E-encrypted solution like @Tutanota provides or self-hosting on your own hardware are the only options to be reasonably sure that nobody else can read your (stored) emails.
The main problem with Tutanota/Protonmail IMHO is not the proprietary backend but the lack of E2E-encrypted interoperability with other services which I really hope will improve.

@liaizon @FediFollows @Tutanota if the E2E-encryption and protocol are designed right, it shouldn't actually matter if the backend is proprietary or not.
Of course, in this case it still matters w.r.t. to vendor lock-in or other issues.


I have never used tutanota personally I was just turned off by their lack of clarity regarding the server not being floss even though they like to talk like they are a floss project. if you send any message from their service to any nontutanota account it's not gonna be encrypted at all right?

@liaizon I assume that by encrypted you mean E2E-encrypted. Of course, any mail to a server that supports TLS/DANE will be sent encrypted.
In addition to that you *can* send E2E-encrypted emails to other services. Though, they will receive a link to a Tutanota Website where they can decrypt the content with a pre-shared secret which is of course far from ideal.
Tutanota also requires a custom client due to their custom protocol which doesn't yet support PGP (but hopefully will in the future).

@TimSueberkrueb Thanks for your feedback! We plan to support Autocrypt in the near future to fix the interoperability issue.
@liaizon @FediFollows

@Tutanota @TimSueberkrueb do you have a timeframe for when you will release your server code?

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