Watching the Micro Men movie about Sinclair vs Acorn. I had never seen the Sinclair QL before. It’s a pretty looking device!

@syntacticsugarglider @liaizon Agreed, Sinclair industrial design is famous. Seriously, it was basically the Apple of the Brits.

@liaizon There was a lot of hype about the QL, but it was a flop on arrival. About a year or so later the first Amigas appeared, and copyable floppies were far more reliable than the dodgy microdrive.

@liaizon From about 14:08 in this video there is an overview on some of the hard- and software that Sinclair had built around the QL:

(Via Planet m68k earlier this year:

@liaizon it's still the second best looking machine i've ever owned (this baby just edges it out:

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