a sweet little video about leaving youtube for and the by @craftykat just made the front page of hacker news:

@liaizon @craftykat from the comments:

"It's the same for the creators, though - they can't move off of YouTube entirely, because none of their viewers will go to a PeerTube instance just to watch that one creator."

wow GAFAM have so thorougly ruined the internet that prople really have no concept of federation at all do they?

@msh @liaizon @craftykat Nope. I have to re-explain it to my non-technical friends and family whenever the topic comes up.

@msh @liaizon @craftykat I'm not sure the concept of federation was ever introduced to people before. Sure they use email but it has a personal feel to it, you intently send messages to people you know their address, there's no real concept of where the data comes from or where it stays on each mail server.

@hypolite @liaizon @craftykat

Exactly, in a way. Federation on the early internet was ubiquitous to the point it was never explained. It just...was.

People sent email without considering where data goes or comes from. They just had an address to send to and that's it. Same with physical mail.

It isn't just personal/1 to 1 communications either. Newsgroups were also federated but nobody thought of it as a novel logged in and read from and posted to newsgroups and messages just went and nobody gave it a second thought how they were replicated and forwarded and so on.

Same as watching TV or listening to the radio. You had a channel or a frequency and your programme came on. If your show changed networks well you just changed the channel.

Over time this changed and now people are keenly aware of who provides the services and servers. This silo mindset seemed to start with the instant messaging wars and got worse over time.

It's gonna take awhile to put the "inter" back in internet.

@msh @hypolite @craftykat I really like this explanation I have never thought it like that

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