Wow fucking put up a paywall so you can’t even see any of your past messages or friends without a subscription of 2$ a month, federated couch surfing when?!


@onan maybe the first step is to open issues in all three of these projects and propose federation. They may not have ever heard of the idea or know that the exists at all.

@liaizon replace “books and reviews” with “locations and terms” and there is already a fediverse model for what a federated couch share might be like…

@onan I wonder how close that codebase would fit. That’s a good idea!

@liaizon another possible close code fit …

… and what a great collection of links you and other have gathered!

@liaizon @onan

out of all 3, #Couchers seems to have taken the most effort to fully address the human/community safeguarding issues that plague any service like this (incidentally, I'm not sure if people realise that in many countries the moment they invite someone into their house they incur a formal legal duty of care to look after them and can incur legal penalties if things go wrong...)

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