ran across this post about the fediverse from 2010 and remembering how times haven't changed all that much. bluesky who?! lets just wait for the google buzz federation!

@rysiek wow how have I never heard of this before!?

“Currently supports, GNU Social (formely known as StatusNet), (formerly known as, and Open Collaboration Services”

@liaizon it was a thing in the good old StatusNet days, way before ActivityPub and Mastodon came to be.

@rysiek looking through its bug tracker it seems people are still requesting features so I guess it still has some users. I love the idea that folks are still just posting away on their pages using this totally away from the rest of the fediverse. It should really be seen as a success story in the sense that that is even possible. Imagine some kids who just kept using Friendster or MySpace this whole time if they had made it self host able.

@liaizon Hi! I have added this references to this pad: If you have more info, feel free to add it there.

I like to curate this pad but I can only read and understand in catalan, spanish, french, english, italian and esperanto… The objective to have references is that I would like to write a book about the Fedi :) One day, I hope…

@titi have you seen all the japanese books about 'how to use mastodon?'

We also federated Buzz and Mistpark for a brief period of time before Google killed the project. Surprisingly, they didn't kill off Orkut when Google+ came out (because apparently Orkut was big in Brazil) and we managed to communicate with folks from that network using open protocols for another couple of years.

@mike two way communication? how was that set up? was orkut based on xmpp or something back then?

Now you're testing my recollection abilities. It may have only been one way. But they did have ActivityStreams1 and webfinger and I believe Orkut had salmon - which gave it a full open stack. Google owned salmon which was written by a former co-worker of mine from Netscape and I seem to vaguely recall Orkut was the only project they actually used it on.
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