@liaizon the contrast is too much in the first video here, but i like where it's going.

the second remix is based on the first one, so again too much contrast, but the ffmpeg "displacement maps" are always effectively trippy...

cc @pavel @glitchbyte @luka

@floppy thanks! what do you mean? Are you asking if this specific animation has a name? Or like what style of art is it?

@liaizon I meant: Often artists name their work. So I wondered whether your animation got a name too. ;-)

@liaizon nice!
I was experimenting with ffmpeg interpolation and color grading so I started playing with your gif

ffmpeg -i wakest.mp4 -an -vf "setpts=2*PTS,minterpolate='fps=25:scd=none:mc_mode=obmc:me_mode=bidir:vsbmc=1:me=hexbs:search_param=8',curves=all='0.1/0 0.6/0.5 0.7/1" wakest-edit.mp4

#animation #ffmpeg

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