@liaizon Shouldn't the avatar be bigger to be able to recognise people easily?
@lanodan @liaizon I'm pretty sure that's because the resolution is absurd
>Non-JS version as the primary focus, JS is optional and should be regarded as such.
Nie tylko zmienił się interfejs ale opublikowana jest już wersja 3 #GnuSocial. Warto zapoznać się z ROADMAP tego projektu. Podoba mi się sposób zarządzania tym projektem i chyba się nim pobawię.
I took a little look at this project and I am convinced that the new version of GNU Social will quickly gain a lot of support. Basing your code on the Symfony framework is a very good choice. It guarantees not only clean architecture, but also a solid and safe basis for the development of the system. The concept of an expandable core provides the ability to create extensions and plugins, and thus create the Fediverse portal the way you want. This is it.
I wish #Hubzilla choose to be refactored with a clean framework like SF...
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