A perfect shipping container structure in Berlin! This is exactly the sort of structure I want on my little slice of land in New Orleans.

@js290 luckily there is very little enforcement in New Orleans and I will not claim it as a home but as a storage structure so as to not need any zoning what so ever

@liaizon something tells me you don’t want a giant glass wall without any shade in the subtropics 😉

@Jetengineweasel my lot is covered in trees so that’s not really an issue and it’s actually quite cold for much of the year in New Orleans

@liaizon i have a friend at ZKU in Moabit, you might dig visiting. let me know and i'll make a connection.

@liaizon wow love this, do you know if there's any more pictures? Also, would love to know how to set up something like that. Been tinkering about such a setup, but wouldn't know where to start. Any help is appreciated!

@flowen I only took these 4 but it’s down the street from where I am staying atm so could take more if needed. It’s a pretty simple though there’s not much too the design. Shipping containers are very standardized in price which is cool, you can get them delivered pretty much anywhere for close to the cost of the raw metal. In New Orleans where my new property is, a 20ft container delivered is $1600 total.

@liaizon That's exactly what I like. The only tiny homes I see are often the over-designed, pinterest/IG pictures for media-exposure (still beautiful tho ;)). But I really like the simplicity of this. The land must be the most expensive bit and so cool they put it at tempelhof, just realised reading your post again.

@flowen I actually hate most of the tiny homes that end up getting done as they try to make everything look too clean. This one is just the right amount of industrial grunge with a the light greenhouse vibe. My property that I am planning on doing a shipping container thing on was actually quite cheap, it will probably still be more then what I will put into a structure (plan to do off grid so need to get solar) but not by that much. The property was 10k

@liaizon @flowen Genuinely surprised there was buildable land in NOLA for 10k

@dualhammers @flowen government auctions are wild. We bought this other woman’s property back for her for 7k and then did that gofundme for it (that I think you might have helped with) which was the first attempt at buying a random property. It ended in the best way possible as we ended up raising 17k so that she could try to build something after getting her land back.

@liaizon oh nice, when are you planning to start? would love to follow your journey 🖤

@flowen no plans exactly per se but most likely in a few months when I am back in New Orleans I’ll start cutting a road thing into my property to figure out how the containers can get in.

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