It would be really cool to have a printed zine of descriptions of many collectives hosting fediverse instances. Maybe a short blurb describing each collective written by a member of said collective and then a list of links to the server software they have hosted.

@rra @320x200 do y’all have a paragraph description of post lurk as a collective (maybe varia is the collective?)

@liaizon I like the idea of bridging the divide into physical space and discovering a fedi instance via a zine.. like finding a great band via a mix-tape trade.

@onan @liaizon it needs updating and expansion for 2021 but it wouldn’t hurt to have some pre-orders for that before making the considerable effort required.

@liaizon @rra
Closest copypasta I can think of is this one:

"LURK, on the precipice since 2014.

LURK started as a small collective of artists/hackers interested in facilitating and archive discussions around net- and computational culture and politics, proto- and post-free culture practices, (experimental) (sound) (new media) (software) art, and things like that. We have been active since 2014 and today we offer to like-minded people and peers the possibility to host their email discussion lists, access to instant messaging services and to alternative social media platforms, as well as streaming servers."

@320x200 @rra that’s perfect! Thanks. I want to try putting something together

@liaizon If you can read spanish (or don't mind using a translator) in you have all the info of the collective hosting this server 🙂
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