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I see us millennials have reinvented the back-to-the-land and commune movements popular among Boomers in the 1970s.

Let me save everyone a lot of grief.

Gardening is a fun hobby.

Subsistence farming is grueling, backbreaking labor that your grandparents worked hard to escape.

@flancian I don’t think this is the full story. Farming that’s modeled on large-scale corporate farming matches that description. Everything I’ve read says that regenerative farming is way easier. The grueling part is fighting nature, planting monocultures, depleting your soil then trying to counteract that by dumping fertilizer, etc.

Here’s an episode of How to Save a Planet that touches on the difference.

@0x1C3B00DA @flancian the answer to these questions *really* depends on the micro-climate you are planting in. there are some areas that you barely have to do anything to grow all your own food quite easily cause the climate is perfect already and then other areas where its almost impossible to grow anything cause the climate is unbearable to most plants.

@liaizon @0x1C3B00DA @flancian there's a broad and viable space between "plant a garden in your backyard" and "live entirely off the land" that y'all seem to be ignoring.

there's no rule that says you have to grow all your own food, or give up earning money in other ways, or do the whole off-grid thing.

but farming works best when done cooperatively, and on a larger scale: heated.medium.com/small-family

@liaizon @0x1C3B00DA @flancian scoff if you like, but I live in a commune that was started by boomers in the 60s. we grow a lot of our own food. sure, it's a ton of work, but it's only done by members who enjoy it (and it earns the same hourly "wage" as all our other labor). we're not trying to grow all our food, but we have delicious fresh organic vegetables (and dairy products) to feast on year-round.

so, back to the land: not such a silly idea, actually.


@twistylittlepassages @0x1C3B00DA @flancian as a fellow commune dweller (was just there recently for two months but I don’t live there anymore, 17 years is enough) it excites me that other folks living at communes might jump into this random thread. The fediverse is neat!

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