I have just released Hometown v1.0.5+3.4.0! This release adds no new features, it simply brings Hometown up to date with Mastodon v3.4.0.



@darius hey, so I'm considering forking from master to hometown... but I'm interested to know if you're willing/able to add the admin account auto follow on new account creation.

@shlee @darius I'm also thinking along these lines - can I ask though, are all the extra features like local-only implemented as options or straight up changes? I don't know if I want ALL this stuff.

@mike @shlee there are only 5 changes, and only 2 of them (local posting and exclusive lists) are things that a user encounters in their day to day. The other 3 are new themes, and admin-only setting to change max post length, and the ability for long rich text posts (like from write.as instances) to appear behind a cut.


@darius @shlee so local-only posting is always enabled, is that right?

@mike @shlee it's always an option on any post, yes. You can click on the wiki item for a detailed description of how it works.

@darius @shlee oh I realise how it works, I just don't want it. Is it feasible that it could become an option, or is it built in a bit too deep?

See, I've made a few minor changes to Chinwag and I'd like to make contributions to an existing fork going forward rather than maintaining my own ... but I don't want to divert too much from defaults really.

@mike @shlee help me out here: why would you want to use hometown if you don't want local only posting? That's the main differentiating feature from Mastodon

@darius @shlee what I'm looking for is a Mastodon fork with maintainers that are open to implementing changes as options. This is my major gripe with the main project - the assumption that what the flagship requires is the only way any other instance will be run.

I'm prepared to do some work on this front, but I'd like to work with an already established fork and you've always struck me as a decent and reasonable person. :awesome:

@mike @shlee thanks -- my scope for hometown is very very specific: I want to demonstrate that my ideas for running small federated communities (and specifically coherent communities of people who like each other) have legs and can be an important piece of the future of the fediverse. Exclusive lists specifically grew out of the work I did allowing Hometown feeds to render more kinds of content and to be used more like a feed reader, for example.

@darius @mike Depends if this suites you goals, but I've always wanted to have "sister instances" feature more on the instance...

there is 5-6 Australian instances, and I'd love to have them all show up in the local feed for example.

If you're looking for ways to build communities ;)


@darius I just read your neighborhood gist, love the idea. I see you say at the end you are trying to make it into a standard that is not specific to mastodon and can be used with other fediverse/activitypub software. have you talked you other AP devs about this yet or are you building it all in private.

@liaizon I'm building it in private. Years of experience in software dev have taught me to show working code before kicking off serious discussions

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