@eris made some new ears for a nice plugin that adds stuff to your avatar. It even works with remote accounts (on their local representation) I honestly think that weird features like these are what seriously differentiates the from any of its "mainstream counterparts" cause little experiments like this even have the possibility to happen. (this started as misskey feature but I think its great to see it implemented in other parts of the fedi)

@liaizon @eris this is amazing. its the absence of space for things like this that makes the modern computing on corporate platforms categorically less interesting to me...

@eris @eris can you implement a fez option for @nasser so their profile icon can wear a fez on a fez?

@nasser I feel like I probably got it wrong and its not called a Fez in Arabic but I don't know what it would be called

@liaizon but fez is correct in english and you were speaking english so youre good 😃

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