just realized that the 3.3.0 update somewhat breaks some federation aspects with mastodon

as an example I can search for the old version of this link and it shows up just fine


but when you go to that link it redirects to the new way peertube is doing links


and if you try to search this one on my mastodon instance it doesn't show up even though this video is already in my local database since I star'd it.

@liaizon Good to know about this. On the upside, the UUID hasn't changed. I think it might be possible to use old-style links to pull in other videos if need be? I think PeerTube still supports the legacy links on the backend.

@sean I got a report that both links were working fine for another person, so it might be about how my instance is set up, since I have one of those weird ones that uses two URLs so I can keep my canonical domain name for something other than Mastodon

@liaizon it was weird for mine, too. After following the instance, it looks like maybe there's some kind of nginx redirect rule that swaps over to a separate domain name?
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