just realized that the 3.3.0 update somewhat breaks some federation aspects with mastodon

as an example I can search for the old version of this link and it shows up just fine


but when you go to that link it redirects to the new way peertube is doing links


and if you try to search this one on my mastodon instance it doesn't show up even though this video is already in my local database since I star'd it.

I assume you should be able to search/pull new videos using the new format into your instance.

@xavavu it’s not working like it should. Says not found

hmmm. fwiw, I was able to load the peertube post using either (old or new format) link by searching on mastodon, friendica, and here on zap.

some instance-specific issue it seems. hopefully resolves soon.

@xavavu hmm interesting well I am glad it’s not more widespread then

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