Just came across a pretty insane piece of history while perusing Wikipedia. Evan Prodromou's father co-founded Poqet PC. Evan is the father of the for anyone who doesn't know his name.

@liaizon hmm father of the Fediverse... depends on what you count as the Fediverse, Daspora and Friendica were there before him fathering it.

Cool think with that poket pc.... poqet

@utzer oh I didn't know Friendica was before Identica! I knew Diaspora was but then I always understood they didn't want to be associated with the fediverse and they called it "the Federation"

@liaizon hmm not sure about identica, only checked statusnet.
@liaizon fun that he fathered identica and statusnet, somehow like Mike who did similar for Friendica, Hubzilla and another thing I believe.

@utzer Mike started Friendica, Hubzilla, Red Matrix, Zot/Zap, Osada and MistPark

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