Just came across a pretty insane piece of history while perusing Wikipedia. Evan Prodromou's father co-founded Poqet PC. Evan is the father of the for anyone who doesn't know his name.

@liaizon hmm father of the Fediverse... depends on what you count as the Fediverse, Daspora and Friendica were there before him fathering it.

Cool think with that poket pc.... poqet

@utzer oh I didn't know Friendica was before Identica! I knew Diaspora was but then I always understood they didn't want to be associated with the fediverse and they called it "the Federation"

@liaizon hmm not sure about identica, only checked statusnet.
@liaizon fun that he fathered identica and statusnet, somehow like Mike who did similar for Friendica, Hubzilla and another thing I believe.

@utzer Mike started Friendica, Hubzilla, Red Matrix, Zot/Zap, Osada and MistPark

Laconica (which became StatusNet): May 2008
Mistpark (which later became Friendica and much later became Mistpark again): July 2010.
Diaspora*: September (?) 2010.

Those are the approximate dates of first public availability, not the dates that development began. Mistpark development began as a blogging and content management project (PurpleHaze) in 2002 but did not provide confederated communications until around May 2010. Diaspora development began with a Kickstarter campaign in April/May 2010. I don't know when Laconica development began.

@zap thanks for that history Mike. Did you look up to Laconica when you first started the federation in Mistpark? Or if not what were your “idols” when you first started trying to code federated social networking?

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