So I was looking for an unrelated file and I found it in this old zine archive on blogspot. In the sidebar the author of the blog has listed (in french) that they have everything they have ever scanned for download on and I remembered I hadn't tried to get that app installed in years. I just installed Nicotine+ through and its freaking hopping! So much good stuff that would be impossible to find anywhere else. Anyway the first thing that successfully downloaded was this epub.

@liaizon i love to use soulseek all the time for music and books! i recently downloaded like 15 new ebooks and just finished reading the first of my batch today.

@palomakop people have been telling me for a while but I didn’t get around to installing til now!

@liaizon feel free to browse my files. my handle is twofoldmonolith. ill leave it running for today

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