aaaaand I was already following the user who made the plugin and didn't even know it: @swentel (this account is a drupal site so if you follow it then you know the plugin works)

lol spelling mistakes. a plugi' also known as a plugin.


If you would have attended the events we announce on you would have had :)
It was also mentioned in the recent webinar by NGI0 …

But it is also on


@sl007 yes I watched the recording of the first one and was confused by the mention, this was actually the reason I looked it up today cause I was catching up on the forum posts about the webinar and remembered that comment from the first one. I will watch the other recordings soon.

@liaizon yes, certainly.

This was one of the things the EC representatives at the "ActivityPub for Administrations" event were very interested in, as Drupal is widely used in EU institutions.

@jordila I am following an account on a drupal instance and see their posts so I can see it’s real

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