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#Call of #papers whose #deadline is approaching (june 1st 2021).
Please spread the word yourselves in your mailing lists for contacts who may contribute.

Vortex Music Journal | v.9 n.2, 2021 | Call for Papers
“A quarter of century of Pd: past, present and future”.

Deadline: June 1st, 2021.
Guest editor: Dr. Alexandre Torres Porres.

- Full Call:

@mathr would be nice if someone submit an historical overview of all the distro/branches/fork lineage, animal, pd, pure devil, desiredata, l2-ork, pd extended, purr-data, etc.

@320x200 may require spelunking as it seems the mailing list archives on only go back as far as 2004-03

@320x200 oh, they are archived but but maybe not searchable via the web interface...

@mathr even with archives it would require quite some work, but that could be a super interesting thing to do (CFP or not), also to use that as an opportunity to talk about the modes of governance of FLOSS, the politics of forks, etc. I always felt that the Pd community had gone through everything that can happen in a FLOSS project, it's an amazing Petri dish, and still an amazing piece of software :)

pd history 

@320x200 so I started reading (skimming) the archives a bit, up to about early 2004 so far. some things I found interesting:

- pd-0.23 in Debian 2.1 (1998)

- early forks, with versions maintained by several people for nt / irix / linux etc (mentions of needing to merge around 2001)

- gradual "community centralization" efforts, like db of externals, wikis, etc, culminating in project (2002) and the iem zope server

- split of single (high traffic) mailing list into announce+user+developer

- proposal for "access control lists in CVS" so that maintainers of individual externals have exclusive rights to modify code

- the classic nameclash issues; (paraphrased) "the conflicting developers should agree on a common better implementation for the name" vs prefixing with namespaces

- slow adoption of few features from devel_0_36 and devel_0_37 into upstream (eg threaded soundfiler never made it) and flip side the burden of merging back upstream changes

- requests for segmented patch cords, closebang

- mention of demudi / agnula, as well as knoppix

- much foreshadowing:

- re plugin~ "what about making pd a LADSPA plugin?" (2000)

- "pd autoloading externals from the net if it doesnt find them?" (2001)

- "easy to switch from float to double precision" (2002)


pd history 

@mathr @320x200 I hope this spelunking continues. I love heading about pd's history. @palomakop got to meet Miller Puckette a few years back and I was super jealous

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