I just discovered this show from the 80s called “the secret life of machines” and it’s absolutely marvelous. I highly recommend anyone here go watch it. The person who made it has now uploaded many of the old episodes and added a updated addendum at the end.

@darius and @palomakop I especially think you two would appreciate this show

@liaizon @darius ok... i finally just watched the first one.

there's a lot to unpack here ...

1. lifting the car???
2. i am inspired to make more inflatable sculptures now.
3. the ending !!!!

@neauoire hell yeah I am so glad to hear you got in too. I love everything about this show.

@neauoire Did you get to the hinge episode yet? I never imagined getting so excited to play with hinges after seeing that one.

@liaizon Although Tim hasn't put up remastered versions yet, you should also dig up the second and third series of the show as well, as they're also fantastic. The fax machine episode, where they construct a crude but passable fax machine from a few spare parts and a pair of lathes, is a personal fave:

@phooky will surely watch every damn thing this person has made, I love their presentation

@liaizon It was neat rediscovering that show recently. For some reason I've always remembered the dancing radiator from the opening credits

@liaizon YES. I remember watching these at the time and they are brilliant!

If you ever get the chance to go to Southwold Tim has an arcade of bizarre machines on the pier that he made and it is an absolute must see. I think he also made the clock that takes a wee every 15 minutes too.

@liaizon He's also releasing episodes of a brand new show called Secret Life of Components about every week. He's up to episode three as of today.

@liaizon His website is also really great and has a lot of additional content writing and pictures

@liaizon I watched the recent one about chains. It was fascinating.

@mariusor this is what I started with to! It was fascinating

@liaizon I remember the first time I discovered it few years ago :) I came back to it from time to time since then. It's so sad we don't have a show like this today for a present technology.

@w84death just reminds me what sort of media would have been possible if we hadn't gone down the rabbit hole of reality tv and soap drama. I grew up with Connections which is about as close to this show as I can imagine but there isn't much else in this area

@liaizon BTW: the author is making new series on youtube right now! (today was the latest episode)

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