I really hate how I write, I want to learn how to make better, more readable sentences...

@liaizon Do you have a specific example of what you don't like? I can't think of any of your posts that were hard to read for me.

@hypolite I just think my writing sounds chaotic and verbose quite often. I am not good at editing myself

@liaizon In fairness, nobody really is, so feel free to send me any text you think may need a second look.

@hypolite It’s more about me engaging in conversations with lots of smart people online, really just something I have to get over I guess.

@liaizon Read more, write more, edit often. Great sentences take great effort

@liaizon I really feel like this too - especially since I never went to college/uni; that my ability to communicate is limited

@jalcine yeah I didn’t go either. Maybe it’s cause I was never forced to write a lot of essays or anything that I have less confidence in my writing abilities

@liaizon @jalcine Personally I hate to read myself again, and I'd rather rewrite a blog article from scratch than edit it.

There's a simple edit I could make to something but I've been postponing it for 2 weeks…

But I think reading humanities books helps quite. Personally I couldn't read books if I hadn't taken a break from mass social media, including Mastodon/Pleroma. Partly because they make social interactions a contingency, while reading a book should be felt as a continuity, and partly for reasons outlined on gopher://'s phlog, entry '007 craving for async'.

Same here, @liaizon

My plan: Start with punctuation. For example, see if you can use a full stops (period) instead of a comma.

I really hate how I write. I want to learn how to make better, more readable sentences.

Be sparse with adverbs/ adjectives. Here less is often more.

I hate how I write. I want to learn how to make better, more readable sentences.

Assume written language is not necessarily like spoken language. Aim for simpler forms when writing.

I hate how I write. I want to learn making better, more readable sentences.

Overall, I always try to be more succinct, less convoluted, and use plainer English. Context and style determine how far I can push these ideas.
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