📈 The new social web has reached another milestone: Mastodon passed 3 million users and PeerTube 100k users!📈

Today, the counter at the-federation.info/ shows 3,019,861 #Mastodon and #118,877 #PeerTube users.
#Fediverse (#ActivityPub): 3,340,712
Fediverse (total): 4,367,971

*But* please be aware: The Fediverse has to grow faster! Currently, it just keeps its level of monthly active users (#MAU) in a year-to-year comparison:
-0.2% Mastodon at currently 444,951 MAU
+2.7% Fediverse 493,924 MAU


Congrats for reaching the milestone, keep going for the future!

@christian_zerfass @gerald_leppert Does the Fediverse 'need' to grow? Isn't Mastodon sustainable already, since it doesn't rely on VC funding on the promise of future profits? I really can't follow any more good people ... ;)

@rochelimit @gerald_leppert

Fair enough 😂 so it shall just absorb all the good people which haven't arrived yet 🙂


Your question is a very valid one, though: Does #fediverse *need* to grow.

One the one hand I think it doesn't, and it is even a quality of this social fabric that it doesn't pursue growth as a metric for success.

On the other hand, fedi is really quite weak still. There isn't a huge developer base, for instance. The #activitypub technology base evolves very slowly. #SocialHub community is but tiny.

@christian_zerfass @gerald_leppert

@humanetech @rochelimit @christian_zerfass @gerald_leppert

My opinion: is that yes, the #fediverse does need to grow...because it is facing huge corporate silos, and open tech needs to become as relevant and as much of it's own "platform" that counters the closed platforms.


@tchambers @humanetech @rochelimit @christian_zerfass @gerald_leppert I want the fediverse to grow cause I believe it is the best option we have right now to fight against many problems in the world right now that are made possible by facebook having a damn monopoly on the digital communication of almost everyone

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