anyone know if I can mess up a mastodon install by fucking with nginx thats installed on the same digital ocean droplet?

@liaizon it shouldn't mess up the masto install, but it might temporarily mess up your ability to access the masto install depending on what fucking with nginx you're planning on doing

@djsundog I have never messed with nginx before and I wanted to try to host some static html files from my new DO droplet and was trying to figure out how to do that but didn't want to do anything that might mess up the new instance

@liaizon so, there's two different ways to go, depending on how you feel.

if your goal is just to get the static html files up and served from that DO droplet, you could drop them in your masto instance's public folder (so /home/mastodon/live/public in the toot-lab's instance) and navigate to yourinstance/

if your goal is to screw with nginx, you could set up another vhost with its own subdomain and that vhost would have an entirely separate nginx config for you to work with

@djsundog is there any quick way to get this to work with loading index.html files from the dir with out showing them in the url? something about htacsess but I haven't done that in years

@liaizon you'd have to add a line to the nginx config for your instance that reads

index index.html;

in the location / block and restart nginx. the .htaccess files only work with apache as far as I know.

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