@liaizon @zddy Seems more anti-PGP than it is anti encrypted email.

And it really seems like this is contingent on your threat model.

Like I'm much more worried about my email host monetizing data about me, than I am my emails being subpoenaed.

As such protonmail / posteo / tutanota / etc seem to do a good job of that.

@liaizon @zddy Having a secure email host but mostly sending all your emails to an insecure one like gmail is a known problem that they touch on.

But it is one that isn't going to be made better by discouraging the use of encrypted email hosts.

@liaizon We've had trustedbird for over a decade to encrypt metadata, (and used within a private SMTP server with TLS over openVPN on devices with full disk encryption, I haven't seen any examples of encrypted email being compromised.) It's easy to strawman "thing bad" when they only know a subset of "thing". #Cunningham's_law

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