@andrewt made an alternative logo for the with some nice ideas below:

*Social networks are blue now, no use fighting it, but a deep blue evokes a universe, as in the Fediverse.

*The infinity symbol to represent the endless space of the Fediverse

*The swoosh evokes rings on a planet, again tying into the universe theme.

Nice work @andrewt

> Social networks are blue now

How and when did that happen?

@strypey @andrewt Twitter and Facebook LinkedIn and Signal are all blue

@liaizon @andrewt Like the idea but not sure the infinity symbol and shoosh combined don't confuse the overall take on first glance. I didn't immediately get either visual element at a glance.

@liaizon @andrewt don't want to be mean or anything, but honestly, the first thing I thought of when seeing that logo was that it kinda looks like a pacifier.

I think it's in part because of how the infinity is oriented vertically.

@liaizon @andrewt This reminds me of one of the D electron orbitals.. Which is pretty cool in its own way.

It passes the logo test I was taught by the director of the Bournville College of Art, and I quote: "Can you stamp the damn thing in a bar of soap, man?"

@liaizon @andrewt that looks a bit too close to the facebook logo for my taste...
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