A group of friends and I have been trying to help this woman in New Orleans keep her home. If you can spare any $ I would super appreciate it. The only thing we have is each other.

Please boost this! She has gone through so many fucked up things recently all we want to do is help give her a hand up.

Also if you want to donate but would prefer Venmo @wakest or PayPal or crypto dm me for your address of choice

And mention Ilona when you do so I know where to forward the money.

10% there in the first day! Please keep boosting this y’all. Ilona is such a sweetheart and getting this sorted would make us all so fucking happy. Even a dollar donation helps this move forward, and if you don’t have any money making a post about it or sharing the gofundme link on other social media pages really helps. Thank you all so much!

Getting there! Please keep boosting this if you can. Would really really love to sort this situation out!

Please donate if you can! If not please boost the fuck out of this link this is

We’re almost to 8k! Can you help us get there?! This is !

We are almost to 9000$! If we can get to 15k I’m gonna be so pumped.

We are almost 1/3 of the way to our goal! Please donate if you can! If not please boost the fuck out of this link

This is :ancomheart:

Wohooo we made it to 12k! This is fucking Don’t stop now! Let’s get it to 15k! Boosts appreciated!

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Now - ALL of you I know out of state: it
is wild how trepidatious these times are.
It’s also wild seeing where folks are
donating and where they aren’t. So some
clarifications if you need them: this
donation is for a black woman in a black
neighborhood who survived cancer, has a
dependent paralyzed ex-husband and
who’s son was murdered. Their property is
being seized from them because the
money they were paying for it was being
pocketed aka STOLEN.

Dear friends if mine bought the place
when they found out what was going on so
they can sign it back over to her, with
enough funds to reestablish the property
and get rid of the City and the white
fuckers that took advantage of and abused
this amazing woman and circumstance. I
will match donations up to $300 this
week. This is how we actually show up for
black people in a pandemic. And if you
feel it’s outside of your resources this
week, please share

@liaizon Thanks for the share. I'm in bed now. Will donate later when I have easy access to my card.

@Hyolobrika thanks! we are getting closer to our goal, almost half way there

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