Have you thought about offering a @tootapp lite for free? Toot! is by far the most usable interface to the fediverse and I have tried to get so many people to get into the fediverse. But half the time they don’t even have a working card on file with apple and can’t install payed apps at all. Just happened again tonight.

@liaizon I use Tootdon and don’t have any problems. It’s free and available on iPhone.

@MrBuggles I have used them all and am quite aware how they work. Toot! has many features I haven’t seen a single other app implement that I use daily.

@liaizon Sure, you just mentioned that the cost price was a barrier to adoption. I would think a free app suggestion would be better than paid if paying is the only barrier to adoption.

@MrBuggles there are just a lot of basic things that the other apps don’t have that Toot! has. I have interacted with the dev of toot many times and they have implemented a few things I have requested so I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask them a question about this exact thing.

@liaizon Nice, love it when devs do that. I hope it works out.

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